5. 7. 2022
On summer days, each of us is looking for a variety of ways to refresh ourselves in nature. Savinja Valley is definitely one of the great choices for a summer escape. It has the Golte mountain range, which you can access with a car, the beautiful Savinja river, where you can experience various water tricks, a lake with a temperature of around 23° C, magical waterfalls, where you can cool down pleasantly by the spray and an interesting underground world, the pearl of which is the highest underground cave in Slovenia - Snow Cave.

Refresh yourself in the Savinja River

The mirror of the valley, the green river Savinja, which is fed by the waters of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is not only known for its beauty, which stands out with many attractions such as the Rinka waterfall, the Črna spring and the Savinja gorge at Igla, but also for its numerous opportunities for water sports. Rafting with family and friends, kayaking, fishing are great ideas for summer refreshment! In some areas, Savinja offers pleasantly shaded corners for lazy lounging and pleasant summer reading.
Savinja River

Escape to Golte

On the high karst plateau, which represents the eastern entrance to the mighty Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you can enjoy temperatures of around 20°C on hot summer days. Car road ends at the hotel at 1,400 m, from where you can explore the green landscape. You can go on the Pot po Golteh, visit the Alpine Garden, where native plants thrive and inspire energy points, enjoy the exceptional view of the small lakes and the Kamnik-Savinj Alps. A special novelty is Bushcraft Savinjska, an experience where you will hone your skills and acquire knowledge for survival in nature. As the weather can change quickly, don't forget warm clothes.

Rinka waterfall and Repov waterfall, magical natural monuments of the Savinja Valley

The Rinka waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful and most visited waterfalls in Slovenia. Its magic is best expressed when we stand at its foot, where it falls from 90 m and gently sprays your face. The sound of thousands of drops falling on the rocks and creating natural music also has a calming effect on visitors. Less well-known, but just as magical, is the Repov waterfall in Podvolovljek, which can be reached by an easy walking path.
Waterfall Rep

The underground beauties of Savinja Valley - Snow cave and Pekel cave

You can escape from the high temperatures also underground. The Wild Snow Cave will certainly inspire and refresh you, and the 3 million-year-old Pekel/Hell cave in Šempeter is also interesting, which despite its "hell" name offers a refreshing 10° C. When visiting the underground caves, make sure you wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

Lake Velenjsko, officially the best natural swimming pool in Slovenia

In 2018, Velenjska plaža received the flattering title of "best natural swimming pool in Slovenia". Many visitors enjoy refreshing themselves in Lake Velenj, swimming, SUP, surfing or searching for sunken villages. The water temperature in the summer months is around 22° C. Also visit VISTA, a fantastic viewing platform that is also the venue for many concerts. Lake Velenjsko does not have the status of bathing water, so swimming in it is at your own risk.
Lake Velenjsko

Spa Topolšica and water park Zora

In cold rain or hot summer sun, spas are the right answer for harmony of well-being. The indoor-outdoor pool complex of the Topolšica spa is connected to the outdoor Zora water park, where there is no shortage of summer water fun. There is an animation program by the pool, swimming lessons and child care are organized.

Terme Topolšica
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