Camp Menina has a perfect location along the Savinja River with its own lake and warm-hearted people who always greet you with a smile and enable you an unforgettable holiday.

The beautiful alpine valley with a pure alpine river Savinja, the forests, and picturesque mountains in the background is the perfect backdrop for a holiday.

Probably something similar can be found somewhere in the world, but our unofficial research showed that 9 out of 10 visitors think that our camp is something special.


Maybe the planets are always perfectly aligned here, maybe it’s because of the ions in the water and air or maybe favourable cosmic and terrestrial forces are operating here. We don't know the answer, as we invested money in children's playgrounds instead of research, but something has been empirically proven - everyone feels great at Camping Menina. Relaxation, positive energy, a sporty spirit, an eternal smile and a clear mind, being what you really are - it's all part of the feeling you only find here.

We are 99.7% sure that you will feel the same way.

Welcome among us, in the harmony of mountains, water and unspoiled nature!

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