Internships at the Camping Menina are for students and graduates who want to gain experience in the field of tourism and tourism-sports activities.


Internships at the Menina camp are for students and graduates who want to gain experience in the field of tourism and tourism-sports activities. They are extremely useful, as you test your field of work and at the same time, they allow you to more easily determine if a later job there would suit you. They bring a lot of experience and references that come in handy when looking for their first job. We offer internships to both foreign and domestic pupils and students. It is based on mutual respect for the tasks and responsibilities to which both parties must commit. The good side of doing internship at the camp is that you have the opportunity to try yourself in the catering, sports and accommodation sectors.


Camp Menina is located in eastern Slovenia, in the heart of the Upper Savinja valley in the village of Varpolje. It was designed on the idea that tourism should be synonymous with happiness, comfort, well-being in connection with nature and the local community. Even today, this is the driven force that directs both the work of the employees and the development of the camp itself. We also direct our interns to understand tourism through the relationship with the guest, as this relationship is a key component of satisfaction, which goes beyond even the exceptional offer, surroundings or price. The internship is designed to meet the expectations of the educational institution and at the same time creates a concept of work that meets our internal requirements. Camp Menina covers both tourism and sports activities, both fields offer interns a rich contribution to the formation of a creative, organized and flexible individual with strong interpersonal skills for work in tourism.


We are very happy to connect with candidates who are enthusiastic about the dynamism of work in tourism and who have a lot of adventurous and cheerful spirit. The selected candidate works together with our mentors in the camp or in the field and learns everything there is to know about the successful implementation of the tourist offer. Interns are expected to be quick on their feet and ready to help - be it helping with organisation, administration or helping the team overcome challenges, connecting with locals and embracing long hours of life in the field - all while walking miles in the mountains, making a living time on the river and general help with daily tasks.


At the end of the internship, each individual is evaluated by the mentor, who gives an opinion on the success of the work in individual areas, as well as on the experience of participation and the final impression. The assessment is given on a pre-prepared questionnaire, which the mentor completes with an assessment and gives opinions.

The latter include skills such as: self-initiative, skills already acquired for them, responsibility and punctuality, adaptability to various challenges, effectiveness, ability to work in a team, motivation, personal understanding of the company's idea and mission.


Internship is an important component of every educational program in vocational and professional education, because the professional competence of young people is formed only with acquired skills and abilities. At Camp Menina, practice is also part of the student's personal development, as it not only prepares and acquaints him with life in the tourist industry, but also with values ​​and the search for satisfaction within life itself.


Contact person: Urša Fűrst +38640296093 

You are invited to read the blog INTERNS IN OUR CAMP (click), where our interns share their experiences.



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