The camp is open all year round.
Yes, the tap water in the camp is drinkable.
Yes, the lake and the river are bathing, it is forbidden to bathe pets in the lake, they can only bathe in the river.
No, showering is free. Please save water and help us take care of nature.
Children can fish in the lake and canals around the camp in the morning and evening when there are no bathers. Fishing outside the camp and on the river is forbidden without a permit. You can buy permits in Ljubno or Mozirje, contact the reception for more information.
For cottages, prior reservation is required in all periods. If you want to secure a free camping pitch, it is recommended to book it in advance, especially in the summer months. In the high season, we have at our disposal 30 transit pitches for which we do not accept reservations.
Bed linen is included in all accommodations (cottages). Towels and tea towels are required. The exceptions are glamping huts, which already contain all this.
In the camp, we have a small souvenir shop and some products from local producers (honey, juice, oils, pasta, jams,...). In high season, there is also a stall with fruit and vegetables. The bakery is located 200 m in front of the entrance to the camp, and the nearest shop is 4 kilometres away from the camp.
Burning campfires on the floor is prohibited. At the reception, you can rent a stainless steel tray (€ 50 deposit and € 2.00 rent per day) on which you can start a campfire. The use of charcoal grills is allowed. Burning damp wood is prohibited due to smoke. Please always have water ready near the fire.
Slovenia lies between the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, and the Pannonian Plain. We have several climates in the country namely, continental, Mediterranean, and mountain climate. In winter we have snow, April and November are the rainiest months. In the spring, summer, and autumn the temperatures range between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius. It can rain occasionally, but Slovenia does not have the name "Land on the sunny side of the Alps" for nothing.
The cottages must be emptied and checked out by 10 am. The camping pitch must be vacated by 12 a.m. In case of delay, we will have to charge you half the price of the service for that day.
Yes, you can read more in the Daily Visitors tab.
Bicycles can be rented at the bicycle shed near the reception. Rent for 3h = 10 € Rent all day = 20 €
We do not have common refrigerators for storage in the camp, but you can rent a refrigerator, which we bring to the pitch. The number of refrigerators is limited, so please reserve a refrigerator when booking the pitch.
You will never be bored at our camp. In high season, animation for children is organized three times a day. On the activity board in the camp and on our website, you can follow all the events in the camp weekly, and in the activities tab, you can read more about the options we offer.
In the camp, there is a restaurant Gostilna Menina, where you can treat yourself to delicious pizzas and ribs from the fire oven, homemade local delicacies, grilled mixed meats, pasta, salads, desserts, and other offers from the menu or by special request.
In case of rain, you can see tips for trips in bad weather.
The size of camping pitches is from 100 m2 onwards.
- The IBAN in your reservation is correct. When paying the deposit make sure you write SI (big letter S and big letter i, not L). Lose the - inbetween the numbers
6 and 10 amperes.
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