Mozirska hut

Mozirska hut is a popular destination for hikers, mountaineers, skiers, and other visitors seeking a getaway in nature. In addition to tasty homemade food and a pleasant atmosphere, it also offers comfortable accommodation for those who wish to extend their stay.


In March, we celebrate three very important holidays. On March 8th, we have International Women's Day, which is historically and politically significant for women. March 10th is Martyrs' Day, historically dedicated to the death of the forty martyrs from Sebaste in Armenia and symbolizes male sacrifice. And March 25th is dedicated to our mothers. At Kamp Menina, this month is dedicated primarily to women and pampering them.

Winter Upper Savinja Valley

For all those who head to our camp in winter, don't worry, we have some suggestions on how you can make the most of your time in the idyllic Upper Savinja Valley.

Where to go on rainy days

One of the biggest dilemmas on every vacation arises with a bad weather forecast - what can we do on a rainy day? Of course, we can spend it with a good book or board games. For those who want to explore interesting corners of the valley without an umbrella or raincoat, we have some excellent suggestions.

GORNJI GRAD- historically important slovenian village

Something new in the camp

Are you looking forward to this year's visit and vacation? We have been very diligent so that you can make the most of your holiday and indulge yourself. We have also prepared something for the youngest visitors.

However, we mustn't give away all the secrets. Come and discover what's new at the camp :)

Camping Menina, is it open in winter?

Dear friends, we hear this question every winter. It is true that we associate holiday camps with summer, but since Menina is not quite an ordinary camp, you are also taken care of in winter. Not only that, the winter Menina is simply "a must see".

Mysterious lake

The alarm goes off. I reach straight for my cell phone and turn off the alarm clock. It's half past five in the morning. I look over the edge of the loft bed at my two cabin mates. They're still asleep.

Steps into the Future

In Menina, we are committed to goals aimed at coexistence with nature. This year, we upgraded this commitment by cooperating with organizations that are active in the field of the environment and environmental legislation, and by making changes to the offer that follow the guidelines of the Green Key.

Autumn hike to Čreta

Since the forest is known for its healing power and since we are creatures of nature, it is recommended to visit the forest at least weekly, if not daily. Let's take advantage of the forests that surround us and go together on the autumn hike, to Čreta.


The Upper Savinjska Valley is famous for its magnificent views of the Kamnik - Savinjska Alps and natural parks, so it is not uncommon for visitors to decide on a cycling holiday, which allows them to explore the valley more directly. We have selected for you some of the most popular routes near the camp, which are also suitable for families.

A walk with Jure, around the campsite

Join our director Jure on a walk and get to know the nature, architecture and life of the people in the immediate vicinity of the campsite.


In the green Savinjska, treasures of natural and historical heritage are interwoven, the many attractions presents valuable pearls of which the people of Savinjska are very proud. We are talking about a real treasure trove of nature and cultural attractions, protected areas, reservations...


Savinjska is famous for its lush and wild nature. You can experience its beauty through mountain trails that criss-cross the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and walking and hiking trails along the green river Savinja, and there are also many landscape parks and protected nature areas that round off a pleasant and active vacation.

Tips for summer refreshment in Savinjska Valley

On summer days, each of us is looking for a variety of ways to refresh ourselves in nature. Savinja Valley is definitely one of the great choices for a summer escape. It has the Golte mountain range, which you can acces with a car, the beautiful Savinja river, where you can experience various water tricks, a lake with a temperature of around 23° C, magical waterfalls, where you can cool down pleasantly by the spray and an interesting underground world, the pearl of which is the highest underground cave in Slovenia - Snow Cave.


Without quality drinking water, for which Slovenia is also famous, we cannot achieve optimal health or optimal life potential. In this blog, we would like to present you ways to use water consciously and responsibly at home or as a guest of our camp.


In Menina, everything blooms, buds and bursts. Temperatures are slowly rising, the sun is gaining strength, the days are getting longer and calling for outdoor activities. Therefore, we are happy to open the water season on April 1, and we also presented a new adrenaline park, which guests are already diligently testing. This one is bigger and more modern than the previous one and worth a more detailed presentation.


With the arrival of spring, Camp Menina is starting to get its true, more lively image, as warmer temperatures allow us more opportunities for activities, and flowering trees and greenery make our camp even more beautiful and magical.


Natural Treasure of Savinja Valley, valuable habitat and venue for various sports activities.


Electric bicycles are a great alternative to the car as they enable driving in areas that are not accessible by car and at the same time they make a great contribution to sustainable mobility.


Offering souvenirs related to the country, place or the activity of the tourism providers is essential for any tourism activity and at the same time it represents an important factor in the overall holiday experience of the visitor. Souvenirs are considered the best universal element of every travel.


Bonding with Family members, new adventures and common challenges are the reasons that modern Familly leaves the comfort of their Home and all the beneffits of modern Civilization at least once a Year and goes Camping.

Discover the beauty of tourist farms

The Upper Savinja Valley is known for its many tourist farms, which will delight you with local cuisine, homemade products, kindness and hospitality. Most of them are located in the hills, so you can enjoy beutiful views of the valley along with good food. Today we're going to show you five interesting farms, but that doesn't mean that all the other ones don't have great offers too.

Fun facts about Tokc (Cider)

Jabolčnik, cider, or tokc, is a traditional Upper Savinja drink that can be found in the cellar of every true local. Although it has lost its popularity throughout history, and many people know it only as a home drink to be drunk while working, it has become more and more important in recent years.

Green gold of Savinja Valley

Beer lovers will have heard of the term 'green gold', which we have in abundance in the Savinja Valley. No, we're not talking about precious metals, we're talking about the most popular plant in the valley - hops!

Experience Team building at Camping Menina

So your work parties are usually boring? Have you decided to work overtime and think about sick leave to avoid team buildings? Thinking about where to hang out with co-workers, as indoor events aren’t the best choice right now?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, then you are on the right page and just keep reading. We believe that we can offer you an unforgettable experience with your colleagues and friends at the camp.

Adrenaline in the air

The Upper Savinja Valley is a paradise for all sports enthusiasts, as it offers you a wide selection of water sports on the Savinja River, countless opportunities for cycling and hiking, and for the bravest, also unique experiences in the air!

Adrenaline on the water

Along with the beautiful mountains and excellent cuisine, the people of Upper Savinja valley are especially proud of our pearl - the Savinja River, which in history served as an important way to harvest wood in the valley, but today impresses all water sports enthusiasts that visit Camping Menina.

Adrenaline on Earth

Most outdoor enthusiasts in our valley prefer to enjoy water activities, the braver ones go "into the air" and observe Savinja from a bird's point of view. However, we must not forget that we have many adrenaline and fun activities available on "solid ground".

Pampering for the female soul

Most guests describe our camp as an active family camp, with a wide range of sports, adrenaline and other fun activities. In recent years, we have also begun to focus on pampering, relaxation and wellness offers, where you can rest your soul and body.

Camping Menina introduces itself

Today, Camping Menina is one of the largest and most recognizable camps in Slovenia, suitable especially for active families, individuals, or couples who like spending their holidays actively, in the embrace of the beautiful nature of the Upper Savinja Valley.

The beauties of the Upper Savinja Valley

The picturesque valley, sheltered by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is a hidden pearl for all who want to spend their vacation in the embrace of unspoiled nature.

Where to go on a trip with the kids?

Surely you have already encountered the dilemma of where to go on a day trip to have fun, both you and your little ones. We have prepared some suggestions that will surely make your little ones happy, and you will also have a nice day.

Valley of wonderful waterfalls

While discovering the Upper Savinja Valley, the path will surely take us to the idyllic Logarska Valley, where the 105-meter-high Rinka Waterfall is located, which is a well-known tourist spot and the largest of the twenty waterfalls in the valley. You will get information about it practically at every step - and make no mistake, it is absolutely worth a visit, as the valley is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

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Mozirska hut
Mozirska hut
Winter Upper Savinja Valley
Winter Upper Savinja Valley
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