21. 7. 2022
Join our director Jure on a walk and get to know the nature, architecture and life of the people in the immediate vicinity of the campsite.
We went on one of these walks recently, and this time more than 60 families responded to Juret's invitation. We gathered in front of the restaurante and headed through the camp along the village road. On the way we looked at the architecture of typical Slovenian farm buildings and old houses, which today have been restored and carefully guarded.


During the journey, Jure likes to provide interesting information and data from the history of the valley and the village. Many domestic animals can be seen grazing on the blooming meadows, which delight children the most, as they are friendly and allow themselves to be petted. Where there are animals, there are also haystacks, which are typical of the Slovenian countryside and are still used in agricultural work today.


We stopped at one of the first farms, where we refreshed ourselves and tried the home made Jegermeister. The children were able to try Pokalica, a traditional non-alcoholic drink with raspberry flavor, which has been made in Mozir since 1914.


We continued our journey through the village, where we saw the interior of the barn, more domestic animals and the entire homestead at one of the farms. We also met Sleeping Beauty, the Mountain with a profile of a sleeping woman. 


When it got dark, we continued our journey across the meadow to another farm, where the friendly owner gave us a special challenge - to find 20 hidden eggs in the field, among the grass. The children tackled the task seriously and with enthusiasm, and they found all 20 eggs, whoever found the most got a big round of applause at the end.


We continued our journey and met even more farm animals, ponies, donkeys, chickens. The walking path is condensed in a circle, so a few hundred meters before the camp we had one last "challenge", the path through the tall corn and then along the forest path back to the camp.

See you on our next walk!





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