23. 4. 2021

Along with the beautiful mountains and excellent cuisine, the people of Upper Savinja valley are especially proud of our pearl - the Savinja River, which in history served as an important way to harvest wood in the valley, but today impresses all water sports enthusiasts that visit Camping Menina.

Our Funpark team also sticks to the old motto: Savinja is the best! Since practically all "Menina people" love water, today we will present and inspire you with a wide range of water activities that are suitable for all ages, Savinja is happy to welcome both beginners and experienced athletes.

Rafting is a great activity, suitable for a family trip with children or teambuilding with your friends, co-workers. With its rapids, the Savinja is suitable for beginners, but you won't be bored even by real adrenaline enthusiasts. With our guides, you can go on a water experience directly from the camp, all you need is a swimsuit and a towel, as all other equipment is already included in the price. For an 8 kilometer long descent we will need about 2-3 hours, depending of course on the water level of the river, which varies through different seasons. Remember, rafting is fun even in the rain!


If you would like to catch the balance above the water level, supping is ideal for you! In the camp we organize a trip to Lake Velenje, where you will relax by gently gliding on the water surface and watch the sunset from the middle of the lake - can you imagine anything better? Hmmm ... only SUP on wild water can be better! Overcoming rapids with sup on the Savinja River is a real adventure. For all beginners who would like to learn more about it, we offer school of wild water supping.

Kayakers can enjoy Savinja as well. You can join our guides on a trip with rapids of II. and III. levels. If you would like to learn and start kayaking, you can participate in our kayak school or just go on a »sit on top« kayak trip, where you won't have to worry about being stuck in the boat when you fall, because you are not locked in it. Kayak sit on top differs from the usual kayak in shape, because in it we are not "locked" in a boat, our body is completely free and if we turn around, we just fall out of it. You will definitely have an interesting water experience that you will not forget!


One of the fun novelties on the water is definitely the bellyak. Don't be intimidated by the strange name that comes from the English word "belly", as it is an incredibly fun water sport that you really have to try. Dressed in the full equipment you receive at our camp, you put fins on your hands, lie on your stomach in the boat and you are ready to row! You lie, just above the water level, so you paddle with your hands, head towards the rapids. Crazy fun!


For the most courageous "water enthusiasts" we have canyoning. One of the most beautiful ones is definitely the Cuc canyon, as you will descend through the canyon, which is more than 200 meters high, in the company of our instructors. The descent itself consists of eight levels, along which you will descend tied with a rope, the highest during the descents measures as much as 22 meters, so you will need a lot of courage. All worries are unnecessary, you are in good hands of our instructors, canyoning is great fun and an opportunity to admire beautiful nature. Activity is suitable for children over twelve years. It is performed in small groups with two to six participants.


If after all you have read you feel like a "fish in the water" and you likeactive holidays, don't delay - for more information or to book an activity, visit www.funparkmenina.com!

Wet greetings!

Camping Menina Team

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