6. 3. 2023

 The month of March marks the official end of winter, and it is most marked by International Women's Day on March the 8th, which celebrates the achievements of women and their role in the world.

March also hosts Mother's Day, which is celebrated on March 25th, but it doesn't forget about men either, because on March 10th we also celebrate Martyrs' Day, which is historically dedicated to remembrance day of the death of forty martyrs from Sebastia in Armenia and symbolizes male sacrifice. Although it is considered in society that Martyrs' Day is a kind of male version of Women's Day, it is still necessary to isolate the relevance of Women's Day, which is undoubtedly historically and politically incomparable. Precisely because of the greatness of this holiday, we say that in Menina, the month of March is the month of women, or of female pampering.


We invite all women and, of course, their martyrs to be pampered in our SPA, where you will find a room with a large Finnish sauna, fired with wood and made of Zgornja Savinjska wood, with a large outdoor jacuzzi, a room with a double bed, a professional massage chair, a bathroom, an outdoor a terrace and a cold shower with an imitation of waterfalls. With prior reservation, the SPA is available every day, but from Tuesday to Saturday, with prior reservation, you can have a special experience that combines the SPA and a tasting dinner. Camp Menina and restaurant Lesnika have prepared a package, which, in addition to physical relaxation, also offers gourmet pampering under the guidance of chef Ervin Podbregar.


The chef will prepare dishes from home-made brisket with a touch of seasonal cuisine, presented in a 5-course tasting menu, which can also be upgraded with wine accompaniment for an additional fee. Camp Menina and LESNIKA (click) are only 5 km away, about 8 to 10 minutes by car. You can find more about the mentioned offer HERE (click).


If you can't imagine complete relaxation without body care or a massage, we offer both in our Wellness Center. It is necessary to reserve in advance. You can treat yourself to a classic, relaxation, sports, therapeutic massage, or a partial (back, legs) and reflex foot massage. You can see more about the Wellness offer HERE (click).



The glamping offer of the Menina camp embodies nature, warmth, intimacy and peace, as the surrounding area of ​​the Menina camp is overgrown with forest and, in accordance with the local image, our glamping houses are built from wooden logs from the surrounding forests. Houses called Bear Lodge are an excellent choice for a romantic getaway in March, as they offer the highest possible comfort, glamping in the truest sense of the word. Each cottage has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a roof terrace with a beautiful view and a private Finnish sauna with a jacuzzi. You can see more about the glamping offer HERE(klick).



In March, there is also a lot going on in the campsite naberhood. If your journey takes you to the Logar Valley, on Women's Day they are preparing a WOMEN'S DAY IN THE LOGAR VALLEY (Click). The chef will prepare a culinary indulgence, which will be spiced up and spiced up with an entertainment program.

You can also spend the day outdoors and take part in the free guided tour on Women's Day - ON THE ROUTES OF KAJUH (click) or go skiing at Golte where they have a SPECIAL OFFER FOR WOMEN AND MARTYRS (click). You can find more ideas at VISIT SAVINJSKA (click).

See you in March, and a toast to all women and mothers!



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