10. 6. 2023

Are you looking forward to this year's visit and vacation? We have been very diligent so that you can make the most of your holiday and indulge yourself. We have also prepared something for the youngest visitors.

However, we mustn't give away all the secrets. Come and discover what's new at the camp :)

New cabins

We pay great attention to the comfort of our guests' stay. With this in mind, we have arranged additional Eco Cabins, which are extremely pleasant for spending your vacation at Menina Campsite.

Eco Cabins, also known as log cabins, have become a popular choice among those who wish to live in harmony with nature. These unique structures combine sustainable building materials, energy-efficient solutions, and an aesthetically appealing appearance.

In addition to all these ecological benefits, Eco Cabins also provide comfort and a healthy living space. Natural materials inside create a pleasant and healthy living environment. The presence of natural light and good sound insulation create a sense of relaxation and well-being.

With their innovative solutions, they are setting new standards for future construction, where humans and nature are in perfect harmony.


At Menina Campsite, we are pleased to announce that we have numbered the pitches. The campsite has been divided into smaller areas named after the surrounding hills and mountains, which are further divided into numbered pitches. Starting from the upcoming season, these pitches will be available for online reservation.

New bridge

On our large restaurant terrace, there has been a small pond for some time, which we have upgraded this year with a charming little bridge. To the bridge, we have added a traditional "Venetian saw," also known as a "strao žaga," which is fitting for the water as it used to be powered by water in the past.

If you make arrangements with our staff member Katja, she can serve you dinner on this bridge as well.
novi most gostilna


As the camp grows, so do the needs of our guests. In line with this, we have newly arranged a modern laundry facility with washing and drying machines. We have obtained the GREEN KEY certification for our campsite, and we operate in accordance with sustainable practices. We kindly ask our guests to do their laundry when necessary and to use biodegradable laundry detergents.

Outdoor fitnes

Playgrounds will be set up by the lake, where you can enjoy and exercise in the fresh air at an idyllic location by the lake and the Savinja River.

Outdoor fitness is becoming an increasingly popular choice among those who want to combine physical exercise with spending time in nature. This form of physical activity allows us to take advantage of fresh air and sunlight, which helps the body produce vitamin D, improves mood, boosts energy, and enhances fitness.

Outdoor fitness is an excellent opportunity to combine exercise with fresh air and the natural environment. Step away from indoor gyms in urban settings and indulge in outdoor workouts.


Food truck

As most of you already know about the Lesnika restaurant in Mozirje, it is now time to get to know its ‘wheeled cousin’ – LUPO food truck. A next-door mill’s homemade bun, filled with goods to form a sandwich, and such … We stuff the rustic bun with beef, pork, chicken, or cauliflower, add a few special ingredients, and it’s ready to enjoy. After the first bite you will know it’s not an ordinary sandwich, as it will make you crave more! Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the fries. Not only are we going to offer regular fries but also ‘larded’ fried potatoes. Come to Camping Menina lake site for a sandwich, and such. 


Mini adrenalin park&pancake spot

The children's adventure park is a true paradise for little adventurers, full of fun, challenges, and excitement. The park offers children everything they need for a safe yet thrilling experience.

In the children's adventure park, kids will encounter climbing walls, hanging bridges, nets, and other attractions that will encourage their skill, balance, and bravery. Each obstacle is designed to be child-friendly, allowing them to confidently face it and overcome their limits.

The children's adventure park is an excellent place for developing children's motor skills, balance, coordination, and perseverance.

Visiting the children's adventure park guarantees an unforgettable adventure.


Children can indulge in exploration and enjoy an active pastime, while parents can relax on the terrace right next to the children's adventure park, savoring premium coffee and other refreshments offered by our new pancake house.

At the end of the mini adventure, the whole family can treat themselves to giant-sized pancakes or homemade ice cream.

mini adrenalinski park 1

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