12. 7. 2022
In the green Savinjska, treasures of natural and historical heritage are interwoven, the many attractions presents valuable pearls of which the people of Savinjska are very proud. We are talking about a real treasure trove of nature and cultural attractions, protected areas, reservations...

Take a look at the list of the most beautiful natural and cultural gems.

We have already said a lot about the Logar Valley, but let us remind you once again that it is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe, which hides countless natural attractions and is a true paradise for lovers of hiking in unspoiled nature. It is embraced by the mighty two-thousanders of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and in its heart it impresses with the magnificent, 90 m high Rinka waterfall.
Waterfall Rinka
"Snežna jama" is the highest lying tourist cave in Slovenia. It represents a real experience for fans of the underground world. Accompanied by a guide, it is accessible to visitors over a length of 630 m. The specialty of the cave is the coexistence of ice and sige, which is a real rarity at an altitude above 1,500 m. Beautiful stalactites, up to 21 m high, ice sculptures and cave milk give the cave an attractive appearance and create an excellent living environment for the endemic cave beetles.
Find out more about hours, prices and access to the Snow Cave HERE.
Snow cave
The 577 m high extinct volcano offers a view of many rare flowers. It also represents the largest closed area of ​​the wild rooster. The area belongs to the European network of ecologically protected areas Natura 2000. The landscape park and nature reserve Smrekovec is a 15 km long mountain range of the pre-Alpine world, which is also protected as a geological and botanical reserve Smrekovec - Komen.
Smrekovec volcano
If you like to explore cultural, sacral and historical heritage, then you must not miss visit to the Gornji Grad Cathedral, the largest and most architecturally important Baroque building in Slovenia, the church of St. Mohorje and Fortunata, which has a rich history. It was built between 1752 and 1761.
Gornji grad
Take time for spirituality and immerse yourself in the past of Nazarje. The Franciscan monastery rises proudly above the Vrbovec castle, which also houses a museum of forestry and woodworking. The monastery has a rich library. Among the library's most valuable items are manuscripts on parchment from the 11th and 12th centuries, Trubar's translation of the Gospels from l. 1582 and the original copy of Dalmatin's Bible from 1584.
Museum Vrbovec
f you are looking for a corner for inspiration and relaxation, the flower park Mozirski gaj next to Savinja river is the right choice. You will be charmed by the colorful flower beds and imaginative exhibitions. See the Mozirje tulip beds, the herb and Japanese garden, and take a walk among granaries, water mills, farmhouses, blacksmith shops, haystacks and other traditional buildings of the Savinja Valley. They haven't forgotten even the youngest, as the enchanted garden awaits them in the park, the magical world of fairies and fantasy creatures, inviting them to explore the unique fairy-tale houses that create a friendly village within the park.
The park is open from spring to autumn, you pay the entrance fee at the entrance.
Mozirski gaj
Today, fornication and lying do not have major social consequences, but at the end of the 18th century this was not the case, because in the case of a shameful act, of smaller or larger dimensions, you were publicly exposed, right in the middle of the square, tied to the so-called pillar of shame - the pranger . One of these was preserved in Rečica. It is two meters tall and has a characteristic cap, where a criminal was tied to an iron ring. On Sundays and holidays, the largest number of people gathered at the pillar and made fun of the convict's actions.
Treat yourself to an escape to alpine vineyards, a tasting of premium wines and see "Špančeva zidanica", one of the best-preserved and oldest masonry buildings in Slovenia. The hills are criss-crossed with romantic paths, brick buildings and wine streams, where accordion melodies are played over a glass. The winemakers, who are proud of the ever-higher ratings of their vintages, are always ready to open their doors and share their story. The owner is:
Ms. Mojca Praprotnik, Vinotoč Primožič
Mali Vrh 51, 3327 Šmartno ob Paka
Spanceva masonry
Descend 160 m underground and visit the Coal Mining Museum in Velenje. A great idea to beat the summer heat, as the temperatures in the depths of the mine are significantly lower. The Slovenian Coal Mining Museum, which received the prestigious EMYA museum award in 2001, is one of the most modern technical museums in Europe and the world.
Museum of Coal Mining of Slovenia
Stari jašek – Koroška cesta, 3320 Velenje
Coal mining museum
One of the oldest tanneries in the world operated in Šoštanje, which today has been converted into a museum. Leathercraft has been an important trade in Slovenia throughout the centuries. Visitors to the museum can see the most important machines and devices for processing skins into leather, take a peek into the lives of former leather workers and owners, and learn about the development of the leather craft.
Velenje Museum The Museum of Leathercraft in Slovenia unit
Primorska street 6h, 3325 Šostanj
Leather museum
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