3. 3. 2021
The picturesque valley, sheltered by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is a hidden pearl for all who want to spend their vacation in the embrace of unspoiled nature.
Stunning valleys, beautiful peaks, the banks of the Savinja River, and waterfalls in the embrace of forests are just some of the things you will fall in love with at first sight.

In addition to all its natural beauty, the Upper Savinja Valley will also impress you with its rich cultural heritage, preservation of customs, open locals, and excellent cuisine, where the authentic Upper Savinja Valley dried-meat delicacy "savinjski želodec" stands out, which can only be found on local farms.

As the most recognizable point, we can highlight the Logarska Valley, according to Lonely Planet, one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in the world, where you will relax along the many hiking trails and visit the famous waterfall - Rinka. Perfect for a family trip, you will also find the Fairytale Forest in the heart of the Logarska Valley, where your little ones will definitely not be bored, and for lunch, you should not miss the Upper Savinja "žlinkrofi" with homemade "tokc" - an apple juice you can find in the "kivdr" (cellar) of every true local or in our restaurant Gostilna Menina.

On the way to Logarska Valley, more precisely in Solčava, turn onto the Solčava panoramic road, where astonishing views of the surrounding Alps and the valley await you. You can also get first-hand information and many local products at TIC Rinka, which is located along the main road in Solčava, so you can't miss it.

The whole valley is a paradise for recreational athletes, hikers, cyclists, and adventurers, and we recommend a visit to another specialty - Snow Cave, which is considered the highest tourist cave in Slovenia, where temperatures rise just above zero degrees during the summer.

For a family trip you can choose Golte, a beautiful plateau and in winter a ski resort where you can see the alpine garden, go hiking, enjoy the view of the lake, and refresh yourself in the hotel or one of the nearby mountain cottages. On the way, stop in Mozirje, where the Mozirski gaj flower park awaits you, which turns into a Christmas fairytale of Slovenia at Christmas time, with more than 1.6 million Christmas lights.

All lovers of water activities will surely be most enthusiastic about the Savinja River, which is suitable for fishing and swimming, as well as for more adrenaline enthusiasts: rafting, kayaking, bellyak, canoeing, and other activities. Visit our Funpark Menina, where we will take you to the water directly from the camp and adapt the activity to your knowledge - you can be a beginner or an expert, Savinja is suitable for everyone. Although the Upper Savinja Valley is recognized mainly because of its natural beauty, it does not lag behind in its rich cultural heritage and customs. Visit Vrbovec Castle in Nazarje, which houses the Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, the Franciscan Monastery, which houses two copies of the famous Dalmatian Bible, and the Gornji grad Cathedral, which is considered the largest Baroque building in Slovenia.

You will get to know the old customs and crafts with a walk around the Ethno village in Luče, where the handicrafts of the locals are presented, from forging, shoemaking, tailoring, and even pharmacy activities. The log-raft collection in Ljubno tells stories about the cutting and transporting of wood into the valley, and you will be thrilled by the stories about "flosar" and "vlcer"  - people, who performed the most demanding and difficult work.

The Upper Savinja Valley is without a doubt a destination that you will be happy to visit again.

Upper Savinja greetings!
Camping Menina team
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