At Camp Menina, we have prepared everything for the fun training of your team!

The Savinja River tests, the adrenaline park connects, the house lake surprises. In Funpark Menina you will find the courage to overcome obstacles and strengthen team spirit in team games. After a night's sleep here, you will feel that it is important to cooperate, not to win.

Team building in Camp Menina

Camp Menina in the Savinja Valley has everything necessary for the unique team-building experience of your team! Behind one tree you can see a house adrenaline park, around the corner of a wooden house you can find a lake, a footpath that leads to the neighboring river Savinja - the possibilities for connecting the team between sports and fun games in the Savinja outdoor are countless. We are happy when smaller and larger teams hang out with us, test themselves in a series of challenges, and above all, understand each other better in the fresh air!

We have so many interesting activities and adventures that the first part of team building will be to agree on which ones you want to try. The Savinja River teaches your group to deal with unexpected turns and twists. What will you do if the current turns you in the wrong direction? Canyoning is also full of surprises, where you will practice adaptability to new terrain and challenges. Maybe you will take the course of events into your own hands and test yourself on a sit-on-top kayak.

Group dynamics and communication development in team games that we prepare just for you - either on land or on the surface of our lake, which is the heart of the camp. Which team members are most adept at tense or stressful situations? You will find this answer among the trunks and canopies of our adrenaline park. The knowledge you gain from us also comes in handy in overcoming everyday challenges and solving situations.

In Camp Menina, you are surrounded by a relaxed and positive atmosphere. In it, you can completely disconnect thoughts of work and indulge in genuine nature. The experience is brought to perfection by serving excellent local cuisine, which is freshly prepared in the camp's restaurant. The way home will not be long either, as we are only one hour away from both Ljubljana and Maribor. Camp Menina has built its infrastructure, visibility, and team over the years as an example of strength and sustainability. To whom, if not us, will you entrust your team building?

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