Unforgettable team building in the savinja region

In the idyllic setting of Camp Menina, located just a short drive from either Ljubljana or Maribor, we offer an unforgettable team-building experience tailored to your desires. Set amidst the stunning natural environment along the Savinja River, participants will engage in a variety of challenges and activities designed to promote teamwork, communication, and mutual trust.

From adrenaline-fueled sports such as rafting, canyoning, climbing, and adventure parks to tactical games and tasks requiring teamwork, each group will have the opportunity to showcase their abilities and overcome obstacles together. In the evenings, participants can unwind by the campfire, exchange impressions, and build stronger bonds.

The team-building experience at Camp Menina is sure to enhance the cohesion among team members and create lasting memories cherished by all participants. After the activities, we serve local cuisine prepared in our restaurant, which adds to the charm of team-building in the Upper Savinja Valley.

Team building at Golte

We also organize winter team-building events at Golte. We arrange gatherings and entertainment including sledding, snowshoeing, hiking on Golte, or various orienteering challenges to test problem-solving skills and enhance communication abilities. For more serene groups, we offer forest therapy to deepen the connection with pristine nature, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy breathtaking views. Afterwards, we invite you to Mozirska koča for a warm tea and culinary experience overlooking the valley and Menina Planina. For a truly mountain experience, you can even spend the night at Mozirska hut.




Participants arrive at the camp, where they are greeted by the event leader who introduces them to the schedule of activities. We start with a short morning activation to awaken participants and prepare them for the day's activities. Participants are divided into groups and engage in various team-building games designed to promote cooperation, communication, and strategy.

After completing the games, participants take a short break to enjoy a refreshing snack and relax in pleasant company. We then continue with outdoor adventure activities, such as a group hike along nearby trails or a short rafting trip on the Savinja River. These activities encourage teamwork, resilience, and overcoming challenges.

After the adventures, participants gather for the conclusion of the event. The event leader summarizes the key lessons of the day, and participants have the opportunity for a brief reflection, sharing their impressions and experiences. At the end of the event, participants have the option to return home or relax by our lake.



Team building at Mozirska hut offers the opportunity to connect team members in a beautiful mountainous environment.

Day 1
: Arrival at Mozirska hut, check-in to rooms, welcome drinks, and an introductory evening with good food.

Day 2
: Breakfast and coffee with a view of Menina Planina and the Upper Savinja Valley. After breakfast, participants prepare for a hike to Konečka planina (5km of easy terrain). Each participant receives a 'lunch pack' containing local delicacies for the hike. Upon reaching Konečka planina, there will be a picnic and socializing (potentially including games that don't require props), followed by a return hike to Mozirska hut. Upon return, participants have time to rest and later enjoy dinner.

Day 3:
Breakfast at the hut and departure down into the valley.

In case of bad weather, indoor games can be organized at the hut or at Camp Menina. Alternatively, we can arrange a space for lectures or seminars.

According to individual arrangements, we can create a weekend program, including private wellness sessions and accommodation in beautiful wooden cottages or a hostel. Upon request, we can assist with lectures, workshops, organize motivational speakers, or provide live music. For any questions, ideas, or dilemmas, feel free to write to us at info@campingmenina.com , and we will be happy to prepare the best team building experience for your company. ☺


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