Upgrading the region's adrenaline-fueled family challenge is being funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe is investing in rural areas (Leader approach) through the Upper Savinja and Šaleška Valley LAGs. The managing authority for the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014-2020 is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food. The project is partly funded by the EU.


Every year, Slovenia attracts more and more tourists with its natural resources. The upper Savinja valley is an extremely strong natural feature. In the valley, we will introduce an upgrade of the program called Adrenaline Family Challenge, which we will start implementing in a very reduced version in 2019. "NADI" will attract more Slovenian tourists, especially more active families. The focus of the challenge will be on connecting families through various sports. Families will compete in running, hiking, rafting, and adrenaline park this year. The purpose of the operation is to develop a program in the coming years that will, in addition to the pace of work, school, and obligations, connect the family even more while experiencing the activities. We want to develop the adrenaline challenge to the point where it will become a tradition. The adrenaline challenge will take place every year in good weather, one weekend, in late June or early July. In organizing the adrenaline family challenge, we will, in the future, connect with providers of accommodation facilities, sports, and tourist animation in the valley. The location of the festival will be Camp Menina. In addition to competing in sports, we will offer families a package full of adventures and new experiences. The program will be comprehensive, including overnight stays in mobile homes, food, and additional animation for adults and children.

The aim is to attract as many families as possible in the future, who will return to the region with a positive experience. With "NADI" we will increase the occupancy of accommodation facilities during the low season throughout the region and expand the recognition of the valley as a family-friendly sports destination.


  • To increase the visibility of the Savinjska region as a family-friendly destination
  • Introduce families to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and care for the environment
  • Bring the general public closer to sports activities that are not the most typical
  • Spread the importance of networking between providers, which improves the possibility of organization and satisfaction among participants
  • Development and promotion of entrepreneurial dynamics - by upgrading the adrenaline family challenge, we want to develop the program as much as possible in the coming years, perhaps to the extent that it shows the opportunity for a new job.
  • Improving living conditions in the local environment - By developing the adrenaline family challenge, we will help increase the involvement of residents, as we will connect providers in the Savinjska region with our activities.
  • Maintain the achieved level of environmental protection and improve the sustainable use of natural resources - By raising the awareness of families about the sustainable use of resources, we will help to preserve nature. With the additional activities that we will offer to families, we will manage natural resources sustainably, as they are completely harmless to the environment and thus contribute to the preservation of existing natural resources.
  • Improving the social network - with the involvement of elderly and vulnerable groups, who will have the opportunity to present themselves at the adrenaline family challenge with the possibility of selling various products.


Promotion to get more families.

Expansion of existing sports activities and successful preparation of new activities.

Performing an upgrade operation is an adrenaline-fueled family challenge.

Operation management and coordination.


With the upgrade of the festival, the number of family visits will increase, with at least 15 more families each year.

Upgrading existing programs with an increased number of families - Upgrading the organization of rafting, hiking, and organization in the adrenaline park.

Greater visibility of Camping Menina.

Greater visibility of the region.

Greater awareness of families about a healthy lifestyle.

Greater connection between families.

Increased involvement of service providers - animation for children, lecturers on healthy eating, sports ambassadors, etc.

European Commission and the Rural Development Program

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