On Thursday, March 16, you are invited to Soulness. Take the first step and take time for yourself!


The path of personal growth and self-exploration is not only about "reading" and "hoping", it is necessary to take that "first step" to "get out" for experience and recognize the things that work and those that don't. Take the first step and take TIME, and time just for YOU, and let us show you how!


On Thursday, March 16, in the Menina camp
TIME: 16:00 - 19:00
PRICE: EUR 39.99
APPLICATIONS: ursa@campingmenina.com, 040 296 093

 The Soulness program lasts between 3-4 hours and is intended for every body and for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Here are some of the activities that visitors learn about and experience at the SOULNESS program:

• WELLCOME DRINK – Get-to-know-you chat

• SMALL SCHOOL OF SAUNA - Proper use of sauna for healthy, safe and efficient well-being (workshop)

• BODY and SKIN CARE - Sauna program supported by salt, sugar, honey... (steam sauna)

• GOOD DAY LIFE - Useful techniques and skills for easy self-help (workshop)

• AROMATHERAPY – Swirling the air with the support of natural essential oils (Finnish and/or herbal sauna)

• THE TASTE OF HEALTH and ENERGY – Natural drinks for health, energy, detoxification... (resort)

• SOUND BATH - Embraced by the ancient sounds of India and Tibet (resort)

• AMAZING SCHUMANN FREQUENCY – Frequency journey, back to yourself (infra sauna)

• MEDITATION – Let's Relax Ourselves, Let's Relax the World (rest)


Benefits and advantages that the program's visitors gain and which they "take" home for later use and use:

• Focusing on the present moment - Soulness emphasizes the importance of awareness and focus on the present experience and accepting the present moment without judgment.
• Correct breathing - Breathing is essential, we use it as a tool to increase awareness.
• Self-awareness - encourages us to explore ourselves, to recognize our thoughts, feelings and behavior and their impact on ourselves and our environment.
• Body awareness - emphasizes the importance of awareness of the body and its movement, as well as awareness of the sensations experienced in the body.
• Awareness of feelings - Soulness teaches us to recognize and accept the feelings we experience in our body and mind, without judgment or denial.
• Awareness of thoughts - the importance of being aware of thoughts and recognizing their impact on our well-being and behavior. It teaches us how to accept thoughts without judgment and distance ourselves from them.
• Relaxation - relaxing and calming the mind is extremely important to reduce stress and anxiety. This improves your overall well-being and can help you sleep better.
• Accepting yourself and your surroundings - Soulness teaches us to accept things as they are, without judgment or denial. This helps us reduce stress and anxiety and improve our psychological state.
• Developing compassion - emphasizes the importance of compassion for self and others. This helps us improve relationships and increase our inner happiness.
• Improves focus - the Soulness technique helps you improve your focus and concentration. This can increase your productivity and performance at work.
• Increases creativity - this can be useful for people who work in creative professions or simply want to stimulate their creativity.
• Increases self-satisfaction: Sulness helps improve self-esteem and self-confidence, which can lead to a more positive attitude towards yourself and a greater sense of satisfaction with your life. 

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