Events in the Savinja Valley 1.6.-30.9.2023



GORNJI GRAD, -  13.6.-16.6. 2023 a visit to the herbal garden and a tea party in the herbal shop

WHERE: herbal shop Gornji Grad

WHEN: 10:30-12:00

PRICE: 20€/person (no prior reservations required)

17.6.2023, Final event

WHERE: Gornji Grad-park in front of the cathedral

WHEN: 16:00 herbal corner for children

20:00 Marko Vozelj and Mojstri's concert (free entry)





TOPOLŠICA, a tour of blooming lavender plantations. 

learn about the story of natural products made from real lavender.

WHEN: between 24.6. and 30.6. at 10:00 and 17:00 applications to or 0038631551200.





GORNJI GRAD, 15.7.2023 – Beekeeping holiday

Every year, on the third weekend of July, a multi-day ethnological event takes place in Gornji Grad, where the daily highlights are focused on beekeeping activities, showcasing traditional beekeeping methods, honey products, and the significance of honey. The evening program is filled with music.




GRUŠOVLJE, 19.8.2023 - Štrukljifest

Discover a Slovenian traditional dish at the "Štrukljifest" festival! Indulge in various štruklji (rolled dumplings), attend our events, and explore culinary heritage. The event, hosted by an animator, features numerous talented young musicians and folk groups who showcase the journey from grain to štrukelj. It's a time for singing, enjoying lively accordion tunes, serene violin melodies, spirited traditional dancers, and a wide array of štruklji flavors. Join us from 13:00 to 19:00!
trukljifest 1


MOZIRSKI GAJ, 11. 8. – 15. 8. 2023- Big summer exibition of exotic animals BIOEXO

WHEN: between 11.8. and 15.8. from 9:00-19:00 This year's Bioexpo will offer a lot of activities as you will have the opportunity to collect stamps in the Treasure Hunt throughout the exhibition days and compete for the main prizes. In the beautiful nature of Mozirski gaj, your journey will take you through several tents where you will encounter various colorful variations of Panther Chameleons, large pythons, monitor lizards, caimans, anacondas, a special corner with insects, and a few more surprises. ADMISSION: €8 - adults, €4 - children.



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