21. 9. 2022
The Upper Savinjska Valley is famous for its magnificent views of the Kamnik - Savinjska Alps and natural parks, so it is not uncommon for visitors to decide on a cycling holiday, which allows them to explore the valley more directly. We have selected for you some of the most popular routes near the camp, which are also suitable for families.

There are many well-maintained cycling routes in the valley, and they are intended for both mountain and road cyclists and families. We have selected for you some of the most popular routes near the Menina camp, which are also suitable for families. For a truly comprehensive experience, we recommend that you choose a Menina camp guide, who knows the places and routes well, and at the same time ensures that the cycling experiences are authentic and safe.


Cycling from the Menina camp to Bočna is a pleasant and undemanding family cycling experience. The route mostly runs along asphalted side roads, which are not so heavily trafficked. Thus, after the start in the Menina camp, we turn into the village of Šentjanž and through the village all the way to Grušovelje, where we turn left - in the direction of Homec, where the first slightly longer ascent awaits us, which leads to Podhom and to Bočna. The length of the route is 14 km in both directions, and the driving time for families is approximately 1.5 hours. The path is undemanding, marked and offers beautiful views of the countryside.

Biking Bočna


Pot ob Savinji

Another popular family cycling route is the route along the Savinja River. The route starts in the Menina camp and continues along the Savinja river all the way to the gorge in Mozirje. On the way, we get to know the banks of the Savinja River and the villages that lie directly next to the river, and we admire many natural water springs where we can quench our thirst with clean and fresh spring water. If you decide on a guided tour, our licensed guide will also take you to the best ice cream in the valley. The route in both directions is 25 km long, and the driving time is 2-3 hours. The route is easy.


Another popular family route is the route to Ljubno. Ljubno is a place known for its flossing tradition and flossing museum, which you can visit before returning to the camp. You start your journey in the camp and continue through the village of Šentjanž to Grušovelje, where you turn left, over the bridge, in the direction of Homec, but already at the first intersection in Homec, you turn right, in the direction of Meliše. The path across Meliše is half way through the forest, then asphalted again. When you come from the village of Meliše, turn right on the main road and drive along the main road for about 2 km to the village of Radmirje, where after the descent you will join the gravel road that will take you to Ljubno. The route in both directions is about 15 km long, and the driving time is about 1.5 hours. The route is easy.

Pot ob Savinji


As we mentioned earlier, in Menina you can book various guided cycling tours with our licensed guides. These are suitable for ages over 12-15 years, have different levels of difficulty, some also include snacks.

One of these is the AUTHENTIC BIKING tour, which includes e-bikes and is one of the most popular among guests.

The 18-kilometer descent from Golt is also popular, and it will offer you unique lessons in MTB cycling. A van with a guide will take you to Golte, and from there the aforementioned descent follows. The entire tour is 25 km long and takes 3-4 hours. Difficulty is medium 3/5, suitable for people from 12 years old.

OVER SKI RESORT/ above the ski resort, a 40 km long route that takes 5-6 hours is one of our bestsellers. Our guides will take you to the hotel in Golte, which is also the exit point of the cable-car, which is currently not in operation. From there, there will be a steep climb to the highest point of Golte, about 500m long. There you will visit the shepherds and then go down the macadam path to the Visočnik farm, where a snack will be waiting for you. From there, there is an approximately 10 km long descent into the valley and an approximately 10 km long flat path to the starting point. The route is suitable for ages over 12 and is moderately difficult 3/5.

Beli zajec Golte

FOREST TRAILS The path belongs to the Freeride tours and begins with the arrival at Golte, where the exit point of the cable-car is. There is a 6 km path through the forest, then macadam, asphalt and a snack at the Grill picnic area, which is included in the price. This is followed by a descent into the valley and a return to the starting point. The route is 32 km long, suitable for people over 15 years of age and belongs to the more demanding cycling routes 4/5. If you are interested in other cycling routes around Savinjska, download the new free cycling route application SAVINJSKA2GO, which you can get on this link http://qrco.de/bcZIYL?trackSharing=1

Savinjska2Go is a cycling guide for Savinjska. It covers the area of the municipalities Solčava, Luče, Ljubno, Gornji Grad, Rečica ob Savinja, Nazarje, Mozirje, Šmartno ob Paki, Velenje, Šoštanj. The application contains information about 54 cycling routes and more than 200 different tourist attractions.

See you in Menina!

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